As Miami’s premier mega-yacht venue, Seafair is revolutionizing the weddings industry. As the demand for destination weddings are on the rise, Seafair established itself as the answer to the question of how to host a destination wedding without sacrificing your guest list. The mega-yacht venue spans 228 ft. and boasts over 20,000 square feet of reception, dining and entertainment space across four stunning decks. Known for orchestrating seamless wedding celebrations on the open sea, Seafair gives guests the ultimate destination wedding experience by combining the best of land and sea. Seafair founders David and Lee Ann Lester believe offering guests stunning views of Miami’s coastal cityscape as the venue cruises along the coast while surrounding them with elegant design and high end service, will offer guests the grandeur of a destination experience. 

When asked about the difference between hosting your wedding on Seafair as opposed to other destination venues, founder David Lester says: 

“It’s one thing to pick up and get married abroad, a lot of couples tie the knot on the beach in Barbados…But many couples find that their guest list suffers as a result…On Seafair there’s an element of exclusivity. We can host groups of any size, so no guest is left behind, and you won’t have to share the venue with 20 other couples…The element of privacy makes the occasion more intimate and upscale.” 

With years of wedding experience, Seafair offers couples quality service from the planning stages to the day of the event. From the customizable decor and five star gourmet catering, every aspect of weddings aboard Seafair can be modified to reflect couple’s vision for the event. Dedicated to making dream weddings a reality, the Seafair events and hospitality team works with couples and their planners along every step of the way leading to the big day. “Seafair guests aren’t just getting sea views, they’re getting the first class atmosphere, quality attention and service from our crew and luxury accommodations – all of it comes together to create an experience unlike any other.” Seafair founders say that unlike other wedding venues, every aspect of the Seafair event experience is thoughtfully designed to bring its own upscale appeal to your special day. The peak of the venue’s elegance, Seafair’s famed Skydeck is the perfect space for your ceremony. Offering breathtaking views of Miami’s skyline and Bayside park, there is no better place than Seafair’s SkyDeck place for couples to say “I do.” 

As fixture in the events industry for over a decade, Seafair is the leading mega-yacht venue in the greater Miami area. Based in downtown Miami, Seafair offers guests the very best of South Florida with the potential to sail and dock anywhere from Miami to Palm Beach county. The $40 million dollar vessel is the largest commercial operation ship in the Intercoastal Waterway, and as one of the most elegant of its kind, Seafair has proven itself to be the ultimate wedding venue destination.