The world nowadays is much more open regarding international travel choices and moving possibilities compared with a few decades ago. In fact many people from all over the planet have become much more interested in other cultures. They want to be exposed to an entirely different culture and different way of life rather than spending whole their lives in the country where they were born. This is very true especially for the Japanese people. In fact, the number of Japanese people moving overseas from Japan is skyrocketing. This is exemplified by the facts that the number of shipments handled by international movers in Japan are increasing steadily.  In addition, the number of international movers who go into business is increasing. This phenomena in international moving industry is probably confined to Japan.

People move across the borders for various reasons. Whatever your dream is or your ultimate goal in your life is, moving internationally to a different country will be the best thing for you to do. 

But you have to think first if there is a particular reason for moving internationally but not just to some area, state or prefecture without leaving the country? You will definitely recognize that there is a something inside your mind that keeps telling you to move to another country. The following will be some of the reasons people move abroad leaving their countries or cities where they belong to and find a new home.


Sometimes Japanese people move abroad simply because they are tired of their surroundings, lifestyle, life in a big city or working environments in Japan. They are likely to relocate to a safe and economically-stable place like Japan yet with mild and warm climate, where they will have the chance to meet  friendly and open-minded people, enjoy a lot of activities they could never done in big cities in industrialized countries and get familiar with different cultural practices and rich traditions, etc. Other better life people wish to enjoy include:

  • Environment surrounded by nature
  • Sunny weather which is good for outdoor activities like sports, gardening or camping 
  • Local cuisine
  • Safe neighborhood
  • Pursuit of one’s goal in carrier
  • Communication with the locals
  • Second language acquisition
  • Easier access to workplace and shorter working hours


An academic pursuit is also another major factor that prompts people, especially young people, to move abroad. For Japanese, Europeans and other people from Asia, the United States is the top destination with a large number of well-established educational institutes. So, people have a great choice of good moving destinations that will give a considerable boost to their or artistic or academic development. Studying in another country like the USA also gives a good chance to find a job one wants in the country where he or she has studied.


The expenses of life in industrialized countries In Europe, Japan or America has caused people to relocate to another country.  It would not matter if one has a well-paid job or not or how much money they have saved. Large number of people want to spend less charges on utilities, rent, public transportation and cars, fuel, food, taxes, medical expenses etc. So, moving abroad, especially to a country with low cost of living is now the most cost-efficient solution for many people, particularly for those at the retiring age. In the case of Japanese people, they typically move to countries such as Thailand or Malaysia.


Some people want their children to experience a different culture which will hopefully help to shape them into a well-rounded person in the society and also to make them a multilingual.


Considering all the above reasons, you would see the reasons so many people have decided to move abroad whether they are from America or Japan. Not only moving overseas will facilitate to provide you and your family members in economical environment, but the less monetary burden will also bring stress-free and happier life overseas.