With the revolutionizing automotive technology these days, you can make your ride safer and more pleasurable than ever before by using some trendy car accessories. Without investing in a new car, you can have a chance to experience the greatest and latest innovations in car technology. Car gadgets can warn you about potential problems in your car and thus enhance the performance and providing security.

Thanks to these, when we buy any car, we get to optimize it according to our preferences. So, if you are planning to embellish your automobile with useful car gadgets, do not worry! Here is a list of the most desirable and handy car gadgets that help improve its efficiency.

  1. Road Angel Gem

Speed limits and not being able to abide by them is a general and a rational fear among most people who love driving. Road Angel Gem is a great device for warning you about speed cameras and also informing you about your speed limit when you are driving. The gadget is fairly accurate when it comes to holding databases about speed limits, road hazards, speed camera locations, accident black spots, etc. The speed limit of the road that you are driving on is displayed constantly so you can adjust yourself according to your convenience.  This gadget also enables you to access eAssist. eAssist specializes in allowing you to speak with an operator if you get in trouble while driving. The operator evaluates your situations and advises you or contacts relevant services accordingly.

  1. Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics

This is a small device which can be installed discreetly into your car’s OBD 2 port to provide the consumer with mechanical data on the condition of the car.  Other than being a diagnostic device, it can also perform various other functions. If paired with a smartphone and a suitable app, it can be used as a remote control and can be used to lock and unlock doors from afar, check mileage or speed, start your engine, etc. You can even establish “geofences” that define the boundaries your car is allowed to travel in. This can come in handy for parents, guardians or anyone else who lends their car as they can keep a check on the driver.

  1. Car jump starter kit

One of the most popular car accessories nowadays is a jump starter kit. According to auto experts and reviews, this kit is on the list of must-have car accessories.  Imagine you are stuck in a hilly area with rain pouring down, and you need someone to jump-start your car, but there’s no one around. That is why you should invest in installing a jump starter in your car. The main function of this kit is to provide a battery source which allows one to start his car when it dies by hooking the clamps on the kit to the battery of the car. Similarly, a jump starter kit can also be used as a backup power source.

  1. Pressure monitoring system

Searching up Google for car accident statistics will tell you exactly how common it is for them to happen because of unsafe vehicles.  Therefore, to increase road safety through optimizing tire pressure, Tire Pressure Monitoring System was created. This ingenious device helps to report real-time tire-pressure information to the driver of the vehicle, either via a pictogram display, a gauge or a simple low-pressure warning light, thus eluding poor fuel economy, traffic accidents and increased tire wear due to under-inflated tires through early recognition of a formidable state of the tires.

  1. Phone holder

Imagine not being able to either drive or talk to your boss comfortably because of the hassle of constantly reaching your phone. A holder’s job is to put the phone where you can see it, making things easier and more manageable. Anything from using Google maps to talking on loudspeaker has become an easy task thanks to this simple device.

Often magnetic mounts tend to work just fine. The TechMatte MagGrip Air Vent is a cheap yet high-quality example.

  1. GPS

As smartphones become central to our lives, dedicated GPS systems have understandably skyrocketed in popularity. Honestly speaking, a phone might be able to play this role as well, however, if you are concerned about things like the phone’s battery, using it separately, or potential loss of access to service, GSP devices are the way to go. The Garmin Nuvi 55LM is one great GSP device.

It’s pretty basic, but pocket-friendly and reliable, credited with a 4.4 Amazon rating after 1,720 user reviews. This model will get lifetime map updates from Garmin, while a step-up 55LMT model adds a modicum of traffic information as well.

  1. Automatic car adapter

The Automatic car adapter is essentially a “Fit bit for cars.” It plugs into an OBD-II port— which is present in all cars produced in the past 20 years. It measures your braking, speed, and fuel conserving habits, eventually assigning you a score on how smooth you were on a given week.

It can also detect any problems that activate your check engine light and show them more clearly in an app instead of making your head to a mechanic. You might wonder whether or not all of this is worth the money, but if you’ve ever been paranoid about wasting gas, the added info might be worth it. FIXD makes one of the best devices in this genre.


These are the numerous ways you can spend your money wisely and make your driving experience safer, more comfortable and more thrilling. Most of these gadgets are easily available through Amazon or similar online websites and can give you the driving experience you want in a cheaper car.