Tokyo’s free Wi-Fi: Redefining the hospitality and tourist industry

Without mincing words, Tokyo has remained one of the world’s finest tourist’s destinations and it’s easy to see why. This bustling metropolis boasts of a rich cultural heritage and myriads of exciting entertainment choices designed to give visitors a swell time. But do you want to know the icing on the cake? It is the free Wi-Fi technology that welcomes both new and returning visitors who want to enjoy all that Japan promises.

With the myriads of exciting facilities, hot spot destinations, incredible restaurants where tourist are served both local and continental meals to fancy five star hotels, it’s easy to see why Tokyo is referred to as a tourist paradise. Today, Tokyo boasts of an ultra fast Wi-Fi network system that isn’t just limited to one location. Interestingly, you can easily connect to their incredible Wi-Fi network and surf from just about any location you find yourself, using any modes or devices at your disposal.

Does your busy itinerary limits your to enjoy the comfort and leisure that permeates this pristine city? Why not get options of hotspots of near to your location by simply connecting to internet using their free Wi-Fi? From convenience shops to coffee shops to shopping malls and even transportation system in Tokyo, there is always an available Wi-Fi network you can always connect. This is designed to make your stay in Tokyo memorable and worth it.

For tourist planning to make Tokyo their next must visit city, you’ll certainly find their free Wi-Fi network system worth it as it is designed to make your stay exciting, adventurous and yes, unforgettable. As a matter of fact, you wouldn’t enjoy this sort of service anywhere around the world as Tokyo is striving to set a bar in the hospitality and tourist industry.

Are you thinking of visiting some of the famous architectural pieces in Tokyo, then it would interest you to know that most these amazing structures boasts of fast, free and easily accessible Wi-Fi system. You can safely connect to Wi-Fi network while treating yourself to an amazing expedition include the famous Hamarikyu garden Tokyo, Takao visitor Center, the Observation room of Tokyo Metropolitan Government building and other breathtaking locations.

Are you having difficulties finding a sightseeing spot or better still you can only enjoy your favorite app when you are connected to the internet, or you simply have no understanding of the local language and you seem lost in the middle of nowhere? Well, don’t sweat it as there is always a reliable Wi-Fi system in Tokyo you can totally rely on. Simply tap on this  Wi-Fi  logo you see and connect the apps or map that will help you find your way or help you search for amazing sightseeing spots that will wow you.

Amazingly, you don’t need to have switch accounts or passwords to enjoy their highly reliable Wi-Fi systems. Whether you’re on a subway or bus, all you need to do to enjoy instant internet connection is switch on the Wi-Fi facility of your phone; how cool can that be?

The streets of Tokyo are increasingly becoming friendly to travelers, this is because the government has decided to spruce things up by installing high speed Wi-Fi systems which tourist can easily connect to and enjoy all day long. As a matter of fact, Tokyo’s free Wi-Fi system is available in over 160,000 locations including train stations, airports, convenience stores and much more.

Can’t wait to enjoy this fantastic facility? Well, the only thing stopping you right now is flight tickets. Get one today and enjoy this enchanting city that leaves nothing to be imagined.