To begin with, we should become familiar with what POS is about. POS stands for “Point Of Sale” and in simple words, it is a cash register with added features. 

It is utilized at workplaces or business areas where products and ventures are sold to customers and clients. Making use of web innovation, POS program are utilized by physical retail outlets as well as online stores. 

With POS programming, you can record all your client exchanges by using your PC, and store your business data in your gadget or on a cloud. In your PC you can add the products and enterprises you are offering, their cost, and the amount sold. 

The program computes the aggregate costs—including charges, and advises you in the event that you have to give back some change to the client. It records every deal you do and screens everything else that is important. 

Since POS is something that is vital to the business, and merchants can’t simply sit in front of the computer to track all their business data, there are a lot of POS apps that are available from which they can make use from. Following are some of the best POS apps that are available in the market. 

Square Register

This is a free Point Of Sale app that is easy to use and install. Merchants can now accept payments with both Android and iOS devices, in their shop counter or on the go. The system allows the merchants to accept payments With credit and debit cards. Other functions of this POS app include managing the items, tracking the inventory, and the real-time sales.

This POS app boosts four-star transactions, helps in generating sales reports, and also stores digital receipts. There is an option that allows the merchants to get insights and feedback, in order to make better business decisions.


Vedn is one of the most affordable be yours apps that are used by vendors to manage inventory and sales. It is a flexible app that supports entering the data with the help of touch screen, or on a keyboard and a mouse. 

The screen off this POS app can be customised in order to display and access popular products or processes.

Vend is crafted in such a way that it is compatible with all business equipment and apparatus such as—barcode scanners, QR code scanners, and printers.


QuickBooks Point Of Sale app is a simple and straightforward app and it allows merchants to track inventory data, customers, and sales. There are two versions of this app that include pro and basic. The speciality of this app is that it tracks customer information and provides insights on what products and brands they usually ought to buy.

QuickBooks can be used to accept both credit and debit cards as well and it is ideal for business of any size.


This POS app is tailor-made for businesses that sell digital products, apps, and other computer related products. This POS app is designed by e-commerce exports, and it uses innovative methods to boost your business sales. 

This app can be used to accept payments from overseas clients as well, both securely and privately. This POS app has won many awards for this outstanding customer service. It has also won the Stevie award for three times in the category of computers and software.


Skubana is a Point Of Sale app that helps in boosting the business of ecommerce websites by providing modern features. This app is being used by some of the top companies in the world. It is one of the most well designed application that offers all the important and useful features in a single app. 

It has a business intelligence feature that allows sellers to make better decisions with the advice that the application offers. 

Shopify POS

Shopify POS is one of the best applications that is available in the market. It is offered by the Shopify e-commerce suite. The best part about this POS app is that users can manage both online and physical stores. The application is available for both iPads and iPhones.

For starters this application allows a complete framework that includes card reader, mobile barcode scanner, receipt printer, and APG cash drawers. All the hardware is available on the website, and you can smoothly integrate it with your POS system.

Shopify offers more than just a POS system. It has all the features of an online business, like accepting transactions and payments. It is ideal for small as well as large businesses as well. All the inventory data can be handled in the cloud, integrated with the best hardware from Shopify and generate accurate reports and analysis. 

We recommend using the Shopify Point Of Sale app because it is simple, straightforward and powerful.