Small conversion vans can offer many benefits. Maybe you’re a small business that is not quite ready for a full-size van. Or maybe you have something special in mind for your vehicle and would like the option to customize a van upfit. In these cases, you may want to consider a small conversion van.

Convenience Features

Some small conversion vans offer sliding doors. These are incredibly convenient for times when another vehicle parks too close or there is another obstruction in the way, or when your hands are too full to pull a door handle.

Small conversion vans also typically come with a low step-in height. This safety feature is great for passengers, as well as loading and unloading equipment, supplies and tools. 

They also feature easy-folding and removable seats which can provide extra storage space or space for a wheelchair-bound passenger.

Spacious Interior

Vehicles have different degrees of interior space, but many small conversion vans have plenty of space for passengers to easily get in and out. It also makes it easy for soccer moms to move around while buckling in the kids. And if you’re using it to haul equipment of various sizes, it means you have plenty of room to organize it, and enough room to haul gear in and out easily. 

Small conversion vans are also easier to load and drive than SUVs. This is because SUVs sit much higher to accommodate heavy-duty and all-wheel-drive underpinnings.

Lower Acquisition Costs

There are two scenarios that go along with SUVs:

  1. You get a lower price, but at the cost of sacrificing space. You may not be able to store everything you need and limited to the number of passengers as well.
  2. You could opt for a version that offers a bit more space, but end up paying two or even three times what you would have paid for an equally-spacious small conversion van.

Either way, a small conversion van makes much more sense, and since it’s fully customizable, it can be transformed at any time during ownership and repurposed if you choose. 

Fuel Efficient

Added to the lower acquisition cost is the lower cost of maintenance. SUVs are notoriously gas-guzzlers. Switching to a small conversion van can be a big relief for your business or family’s monthly budget.

Plenty of Horsepower

Contrary to the popular image of slow-moving vans packed with screaming kids, many smaller vans have the power you need. For example, the 2014 Toyota Sienna is powered with a 266-horsepower V6 engine. That’s more horsepower than the E36 BMW M3!

Whether you’re looking for a taxi service, commercial business, or a family vehicle, a small conversion van is a smart choice. In terms of convenience, space, and price, it beats out a bulky, expensive SUV hands down.