Having a website is more important than having a physical address. Yes it sound awkward but looking at the online trend it seems right as people do more activities online than they do offline. Whether it is about a business, a service, a writer, a social activist, a blogger, a cook, a musician, an artist, an online marketer, a seller having a website is what helps them create more impact on the audience they cater to.

So today we will be discussing about how you can create your very own WordPress website in simple steps. For this you need not to learn coding or master a certain computer language. All that is required is a general knowledge of how internet works and how website is created. So here is a guidance that will help you setup your very own own website:

There are three steps by which you can create your website. Here are they:

1. Select the website building platform.

2. Choose a website domain.

3. Setup and Customize the website.

Select the website building platform:


Before you start thinking about the domain name and theme of the website you have to first choose a perfect and most creative website building platform so that you don’t face any problem when there are some updates need to be done in near future. Website building platforms are some of the best content management systems that help you create a website accessible to everyone. With the help of content management system or a website building platform you are able to create and manage your website content instead of bunch of loose html pages or learning any other coding language.

There are three most popular website building platforms that you can use namely WordPress, Joomla and Drupal. Out of the three, WordPress is the most popular and have numerous features to offer to its users. WordPress is totally free and you don’t have to pay for it and there are numerous layouts to choose from. It is extremely user friendly, it doesn’t matter if you are creating a big website or small, it is mobile and tablet friendly and there is a huge support community that can help you with every aspect of creating a compelling wordpress website.

Choose a website domain:

Before you go ahead and decide the name of your website there are two things you will need. First is a domain name and second is the hosting service. Hosting service stores all your website files and data and make it available to online visitors. You can choose a website name as per your preference and a hosting service from many of the website hosting service providers like Bluehost, Godaddy etc. by paying a yearly fee or choosing from the various plans listed.

Setup and customize the website:

Once you have registered your domain name and have opted for a hosting plan you are now ready for the third step to setup and customize the website. Setting up your WordPress website is also not a tedious job as there are two ways to do it. Either you can take help of the hosting service itself to install WordPress or you can do it manually. Most of the hosting providers have integrated one click installation for wordpress. You can do it by going into your setting account and then control panel and select the WordPress icon and choose the domain for which you want to install the website. If your hosting provider doesn’t provide one click WordPress installation then you can look for a manual guide to install it.

After you have successfully installed WordPress for your selected domain name it’s time to choose the theme for your website.  WordPress has many free as well as many paid theme which you can select. Once you select your preferred theme activate it and now it’s time to add some content to the website. For this you need to categorize your website into different pages like Homepage, About Us, Contact Us etc.

All this is very simple to accomplish because all the functionality is in-built in WordPress and with a little video tutorial you can create your very own website powered by WordPress within hours.