With the rapid increase in the use of internet all over the over the world, everything seem to be available on the tips of fingers. As a result, everyday tens of thousands of malware applications are being forged by the hackers to steal information and get hands on people’s confidential information. To encounter them, your PC needs an immune system named as antivirus software. It is really necessary for your computer to have antivirus software.

Basically there are two ways in which the antivirus software works in order to deal with viruses and other malware effectively. In the first type, everything in your computer is scanned after receiving user’s request. In the other type, all your web pages and programs you are using are been scanned thoroughly.  You may note that these programs have database which contain virus definitions and coding which they use to detect the presence of malware in database. Here are some ways through which antivirus guards your computer.

Email attachments

Spam emails are one of the most prominent ways used by hackers to let the malware enter your computer. Antivirus software like bitdefender with this feature scans incoming mails and its attachments. If it detects any malware, it automatically block the mail or ask you to do the same.

Scanning the computer’s hard drive to find viruses and other malware present on the hard drive

Nearly, all such scanning programs tend to scan the hard drive fully. It will automatically scan it at a predetermined schedule. With this, it can be assured that all the data present on your computer is not under any sort of threat. Depending on the particular software package, this schedule may occur on a weekly basis. However it may be noted to let this scan work effectively, you need to update the software on a regular basis. By doing this, its malware database and definitions can be updated from time to time.

Catching malware attached to downloads from the Internet

This is one of the most important features your antivirus must have. While downloading files from internet, the software will scan all files so as to scrutinize the presence of any sort of malware. If a malware is possibly detected, the download is quarantined for user review and removal.

Blocking hackers from accessing the computer

Hackers can be detected by comparing the incoming and outgoing requests for data they use while carrying out any such malicious activity. Usually, when such activity is being taken places, the hacker’s access incoming information, while there is no outgoing request. As a result this software can simply determine and block such hackers.

Scanning programs as they are opening to find embedded viruses

Antivirus scrutinize if a program contains malware or not, these software want us to open such links or attachments.. If any problem is reported than the program is shut down and quarantined, pending user action. Some virus scanning software is competent to fix the issues with software, while other requires the reinstallation and deletion of the program.