With more and more Indians suffering from dental conditions, the demand for qualified dentists is rising. As a result, dentists are opting to set up their private clinics to make several modern amenities easily available to the patients. Even dentists, who have just passed out, can set up their own clinics.

A bachelor’s degree in dentistry is enough for you to set up a clinic. There are some other complications associated which you need to redress. Buying equipment, hiring staff, getting gum fillers and paint, painkillers- all these require substantial investment. This is where a dental practice loan can help.

Dental practice loans address the monetary requirements of establishing a dental clinic. Seeing the increasing demand for such loans, many financial institutions have made such advances easily available to eligible doctors at affordable interest rates.

5 tips to help you start your own dental practice

Here are 5 tips designed to bring you success.

  • Employ the right people: Dentists and doctors need quality technicians to help apply fillers, inject local anesthesia, hold the scalpels and tongue cleaners and various other things. If you have the right set of people, your patients will keep returning to you.


  • Get the best gear: A professional loan for doctors can help you buy the latest equipment used in dentistry. A dentist’s chamber is filled with mostly stainless steel equipment, which is expensive. Most dentists in India use imported equipment which further increases the expenditure. Such professional loans are thus indispensable for a dentist.


  • Get the necessary approvals: Approvals from the related departments are essential. While setting up your dental clinic, you need clearances from the Clinical Establishment Act, the Establishment Act Registration, and the fire and water departments. Once you get these approvals, you will be able to run your dental practice loans smoothly.             


  • Post your business online and on classifieds: In India, there are thousands of private medical and dental practices. You have to show how you are different from the rest.  You can do so by acquiring people with technical expertise and providing some unique value-added services. Most importantly, your services need to be promoted. Put out some fliers, advertise on online channels, and on newspaper classifieds. If you are truly good, word-of-mouth publicity will soon help you a lot.                                                          


  • Go high-tech: It is important to maintain all dentistry-related equipment properly. All dental equipment needs protection against rust. To avoid such unwanted circumstances, medical practitioners are adopting Laser Dentistry, the future of dental surgery. Introducing such modern techniques requires a lot of money. The returns are greater than the investment, however.                                                                                    


  • Use more modern dentistry practice: Now is the day for dentists who constantly adjust themselves to technological advancements and adopt digitised methods for treatment. Such practitioners use CAD/CAM for bio-printing via computer-aided design, Digital Radiography, advanced implants, online diagnosis of caries, and Digital Record Management (DRM). These are all signs of the new-age Digital Dentistry. You may avail dental practice loans to cover up the expenses to go digital.                                          


  • Keep yourself updated: Certain Clinical Acts and record-keeping departments of the Government sometimes change their rules arbitrarily. Be sure to keep yourself updated.

Availing a loan for doctors

Thanks to major NBFCs like Bajaj Finserv, it is now easy to avail home loans, business loans, personal loans, and many other financial products and services that come with pre-approved offers. These offers make availing financing easier and save you time.

You can check your pre-approved offer by submitting a few details online. Additionally, the doctor loan interest rate is also affordable.

With dental practice loans, your dream clinic is just a few taps away. Just make sure you choose the correct loan and repay it on time. Lastly, keep in touch with the latest technologies involved in treatment. This will give you an edge over your competitors.