Matcha is a premium quality of green tea which has finely ground leaves and is farmed with traditional Japanese culture. The farming and processing of matcha green tea make it different from the regular green tea available in the market. The matcha is well known for a plethora of healthcare benefits and people have been consuming it for hundreds of years. The demand for matcha green tea is continuously rising as people are learning the benefits associated with it. Since the market is filled with a plethora of options it becomes difficult to make the purchase of quality green tea. Below are some guidelines which might help one differentiate between the qualities of matcha they are buying


  • Check for color

It is the color of the product which could help you analyze whether the product you have purchased is of the high quality or not. The ideal color for matcha green tea is vibrant green in color and one must avoid making a purchase for the products which are brown or dull in color. If you are making the purchase online, make sure you look for some quality brands like Pique Tea matcha who provides the detailed information about the extraction of green tea and provides a demo on the quality of matcha they provide.


  • Investigate the origin

The matcha is the traditional product of Japan and nothing could beat the quality of matcha which comes from some other country or the region. There are two regions in Japan namely Nishio city in Aichi prefecture and Uji city in Kyoto prefecture which are widely considered for producing the best quality matcha.


  • Go through the list of ingredients

This is the most overlooked step especially when people shop through online stores. People often ignore to check the ingredient as it supposed to contain green tea leaves only, however checking the ingredients list can save one from the trouble. There are companies who used some filler ingredients to save the costing and hence checking it before making a purchase can help one get the best possible product. Make sure the product doesn’t have any artificial as well as natural flavor and should not contain sugar.


  • Check the online reviews

If you couldn’t determine the above-mentioned points, reading out the reviews and checking on the ratings of product on various online portals could help make the right decision. Various consumers provide the complete review about the product starting from its color to ingredient, flavor, and taste. Such reviews could be valuable for you and could help get the right product.


  • Taste the matcha

The taste of good matcha is usually sweet, a vegetal smell which comes from the amino acid called L-Theanine. It gives the matcha a nice taste and makes it a clean drinking tea. The low-quality matcha usually lacks in the L-Theanine content and therefore one can easily determine whether the product is of high quality or not from the taste and smell of tea.

The farming, processing, and storage of products are some of the additional factors which influence the quality of matcha green tea.