The HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer is part of a series of different models of printers. While it may seem counterintuitive, this doesn’t mean you need to search for and download a different driver for each machine. To make everyone’s lives easier, most HP drivers for Windows 7 work in a universal format. This essentially means that many machines will work correctly as long as a general driver is installed, to include the Officejet Pro 8600 and its fellow production line. As an added bonus, the device itself will work on a wide range of Windows operating systems from Vista all the way to the most current editions of Windows 10.

Updating HP Drivers for Windows 7 is an easy task that requires very little time at all. There are even multiple ways to do so depending on the tools you have available and in the case a driver update fails.

The lists below will expand upon three, easy to use methods to utilize when updating your printer’s driver.


Update Print via the Printer

This is the simplest and generally most efficient way of updating printer drivers. HP printers developed post 2010 utilize a cloud-based printing service that includes printer updates for drivers. As a note, the printer itself must be connected to the internet either through wifi or a wired connection before this method may be used. It may take a little fiddling around to find the update function, but modern day printers are designed to be easy and intuitive to use so don’t feel intimidated!


On the printer itself, go to the settings menu to find and select printer update. If there are any new updates, the printer will automatically download and notify you before installation begins. Once the process completes, the printer will be ready to go for whatever needs to be done.


Update Print Driver with Device Manager

If you don’t feel like fiddling through the printer menu, you can also search for and download the latest drivers via the Windows Device Manager. This method is slightly more complicated than the previous way, but it similarly only takes a minute or two to complete. The requirements for this method is having a computer connected to the internet and a Windows operating system, the second of which is a requirement to utilize the Officejet Pro in the first place.

  1. Press the Windows Key on your keyboard and search for device manager.
  2. Find and expand the Print cues category by clicking on the arrow to the left of it.
  3. Here you should see the HP Officejet Pro 8600 printer. Right click the icon and then click the update driver option from the newly opened list.
  4. At the prompt, click the search automatically for updated software option.

Once the wizard completes the installation, you’re all set to start using the HP Officejet Pro.


Update Print Driver from the Website

While this method may be last on the list, this doesn’t mean that it’s any more complicated than the other ways to update your printer’s driver. In fact, going to the manufacturer’s website and manually downloading updates is the most reliable way of obtaining a driver while ascertaining that is the most current version available. Much like the other methods, you’ll require a connection to the internet in order to download the driver. The next two things you’ll need is the model number of the printer and the manufacturer’s web address.

  • Google search may work wonders for finding everything you need, but that’s an extra hassle.
  • Navigate to the provided website using an internet browser of your choice.
  • Scroll down to the bottom until you find the HP Officejet Pro 8600/Plus/Premium e-All-in-One Printer series Basic Driver.
  • Right below it there will be a download link labeled From HP. Click the link to begin your download.

Once completed, navigate to the folder where the driver has downloaded and run the program.

After the installation is completed, your Officejet Pro will now be up to date!