Courtesy: CTO

We all dream of going away for that one perfect holiday. Some want to spend it on a sandy beach next to the deep blue sea while others prefer to be surrounded by tranquil mountaintops, far away from the noise of overcrowded cities.

This difference in preference can sometimes alter, stall or (if worse comes to worst) stop holiday plans altogether. Couples fight, family members debate with each other and sooner or later no one gets to go on vacation. Don’t fall into the trap and go a place that has it all: Cyprus.

For Beach Lovers

If you love listening to the gentle lapping of waves and basking underneath the warm sun, then you’re definitely going to love the many stunning beaches that Cyprus has to offer. The island boasts of crystal blue seas and finely-milled sand that’s perfect for all sorts of island activities.

Our top picks: Konnos Bay, Ayia Napa; Aphrodite’s Rock and Beach, Paphos; Governor’s Beach, Limassol

For History Buffs

If your idea of the perfect vacation involves traveling back in time by rediscovering historical sites and unearthing ancient relics, then Cyprus is definitely the place for you. The small island takes pride in its rich cultural heritage cultivated over its 10,000-year long history. Home to several important artifacts and ancient sites, it’s a dream country for anyone who loves dipping his (or her) toes in myth and being transported back to the time of the old gods.

Our top picks: The Cyprus Museum , Nicosia); Tomb of the Kings, Paphos; Limassol Castle, Limassol

For Adventure Seekers

Cyprus might be known for its relaxing vibe and slow pace of life but if you think it’s lacking in action, then you’re sorely mistaken. Whether you enjoy traveling by foot, bike or sea, Cyprus has hidden gems that’s sure to satisfy even the most daring traveller. From conquering the furrowed peaks of Troödos Mountains (said to be the home of Mt. Olympus!) to exploring ancient underwater sites from long ago, the island offers action-packed activities fit for any kind of adrenaline-junkie.

Our top picks: of Troödos Mountains, Pissouri Bay, Kyrenia Harbour

For Soul Searchers

If you’re traveling to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, then there’s no better place to reinvigorate and find yourself than the tranquil but powerful religious sites of Cyprus. Any of its over 60 churches and monasteries are sure to leave travelers at awe with the rich art found within its walls. Many, if not all, contain Byzantine and post-Byzantine paintings from hundreds of years ago, which only adds to mystique and captivating aura of the churches.

 Our top picks: AyiosNeophytos Monastery, Stavrovouni Monastery, Trooditissa Monastery

Whether you’re a beach loving traveller or a thrill-seeking adventurer, Cyprus guarantees a one-of-a-kind vacation that’s sure to stay with you long after your first visit. So, don’t let personal preferences get in the way and book that flight now to start making the best kinds of memories.