With the increase in the use of internet, your information is also on great risk of being stolen and use for malpractice. While making online payments, playing online games, surfing the internet, downloading free software, opening a spam email, malware can enter your computer. The virus can lead to the loss of all your information present on hard drive. To protect our computer against malware, you need to install anti-virus software. A good antivirus will help save your confidential information from getting into wrong hands which can further be used for carrying out unethical practices.

If you are looking to buy antivirus software that is reliable and offers highest level of security, then bitdefender is one of the best options in the market. It has been providing its clients liable malware protection from years. Bitdefender Antivirus Plus’s remarkable performance, valuable features, sturdy sustainability and outstanding consumer experience are the reason why it has become the finest antivirus software that is helping people safeguard their confidential information.

While most of the antivirus takes a lot of space and slow down the PC, the bitdefender antivirus has a negligible effect on the performance of your computer as the scanning is done.  It also has a gamer mode so that you can hang up these scans while you are watching videos and playing games online. It offers 24/7 consumer support, security-enhancing features and usability. This software covers every approach that can be use to attack your computer for example emails, internet usage, downloads etc.

It is seen that it is comparatively easy to detect malware with known definitions than to detect zero-day malware as the software do not hold its record in its virus definitions. With bitdefender, the files are being scrutinised on a regular basis which shows behaviour akin to the malicious programs. As a result it has become a great means to safeguard against the threats that tends to target vulnerable files on your PC. With its USB immunizer, you are able to keep away all possible malware threats which come pegged with flash devices you plug into your computer.

It also alerts you about the unsafe results in your online searches. It further blocks websites which have a history of credit cards phishing and scamming. It guards your social network sites by scrutinising your personal settings and keeping a check on the links that have been uploaded by your friends. With its vulnerable software detection feature, it scans applications and informs you if it is obsolete. In case a virus does get through, Bitdefender has a rescue mode, which involuntarily reboots your computer into a mode that depicts the trouble.

Bitefender comes with tools that will provide safety to your  bank details while you shop online. With its password manager, each and every password of yours is secured. This includes tools to keep you safe while you bank online such as a secure browser that keeps people from swiping your usernames and passwords as you enter them. It has parental control setting and cell phone protection tools. However, to get its benefit you have to buy its full security package or the complete internet security set. You can also get it on discount by using bitdefender coupon code. To provide help resources to its clients, it has a support site where all important topics are precisely explained. They also perform live chats, emails and phone services 24/7 to answer customer’s clients.