We’ve all grown up with movies that have made bold predictions about what the future would look like; sometimes they’re accurate, other times comical but definitely always entertaining. Today, we round up the ridiculous, fascinating, and all around amazing fictional predictions that have given inspiration to today’s indispensable tools. 

Shoes of the Future 

90s kids dreamt of owning their own pair of Marty McFly’s when they first saw a glimpse of it in the movie Back to the Future, little did they know that it would take almost 30 years for their dream to become a reality. The Nike self-lacing shoes were introduced in 2016 and retailed at a whopping $720 but still sneaker collectors scrambled at a chance to own a piece of their dream. 

The Mobile Phone 

The cellphone may feel like a missing appendage to today’s digital natives, but a long time ago it was only a pipe dream for anyone who’s ever been a fan of Star Trek: The Original Series. In fact, the creator of the first mobile phone, Martin Cooper, was inspired when he saw the crew of the Enterprise communicate with each other on what looked like flip phones while visiting other planets. 

Personal advertisements

Watching the movie, Minority Report, gave everyone chills when the ads would change to personally address the customer. But nowadays, people don’t even bat an eye when they receive an ad from a site they were previously browsing or an email that’s specifically uses their name. Programmatic digital advertising is a lot like how retina scans were being used in the movie, they track your move online and follow you with ads. Some companies like Target and General Motors have even taken this a step further by trying to predict and influence consumer behavior – some were successful and some downright disastrous  but  it’s no question how data has totally reinvented the game in advertising. 


It was in 1977 when Star Wars first hit the big screen and since then sci-fi movies have never been the same. Apart from its massive cult following and iconic characters, Star Wars also inspired a few innovations including the holograph image of Michael Jackson performing in the 2014 Billboard music awards.     

Voice-activated computers 

These days, it’s not uncommon for people to ask help from Siri or Google Assistant to get things done. Amazon has even brought it a step further with Alexa, their first voice-controlled personal assistant. But that wasn’t the case in the 80s when science fiction writers were still dreaming of these technologies. 


The Terminator, I-Robot, and Blade Runner – these are just some of the countless movies that depicted a future where humans lived side by side with machines and where mankind almost always end with a grim fate. But that that hasn’t stopped scientists from developing Sophia, a social humanoid robot that made global headlines because of her sophisticated responses. And while Sophia has a long way to go, it’s only a matter of time before reality overtakes fiction. 

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