With their growing popularity and unrivalled versatility, QR codes are sparking the imagination of entrepreneurs and individuals alike. From direct links to audio clips, videos and websites there is a growing understanding that QR codes are almost limitless in the connections that can be made with a simple scan.  Descriptive text in its many forms, professional bios, contact details, Google map refs… the list continues to grow. Not forgetting the trend of using QR codes as personal avatars for business or social media. A few well spent minutes with a QR code generator and you have the summation of your personality traits, achievements and social status wrapped in a QR code. But it would not be just any old QR code. The key is to create a QR code that does you justice. By that very expectation it immediately takes the standard black & white QR code out of the equation. Be it a Company QR code that compliments your corporate identity or a personal avatar in your favourite colors, an exclusive appearance is paramount. An even stronger image would be created if you were able to personally design your own QR code to reflect you character or company identity. How great to be able change the pattern or corner frames and choose different colours. And it would be even better to have the facility to edit your personally designed QR code without having to make an entirely new start. Maybe you’d like to update it to match your fresh ideas and download in different sizes. It would also be extremely useful if you were able to count the number of times your QR code was clicked on. The good news is that all of these things and more are readily available.

Most, if not all, of the above features are obtainable now with Premium accounts at companies like QRcrazy which leads the way in imaginative QR codes. Free black & white QR codes do little to enhance your personal or company image, unlike the features and functions of its dynamic big brother. For a very reasonable monthly fee you can design your own dynamic QR code that remains active for the time you continue with your account. It’s a small outlay in the overall scheme of things, but it provides the opportunity to edit or change the content whenever the need arises but keeps the same QR code. It sounds a stretch of the imagination but it is entirely possible. It’s done by moving away from the old-fashioned static QR codes that hold all of their limited information on the face of the QR code. Then 21s century technology is employed to keep the data safely stored on secure servers. This simple innovation allows instant access to a Premium account and enables the user do everything that was promised without having to re-print valuable QR codes. 

You might think that the editable qualities of a Premium dynamic QR code would be more than enough, but that’s just the start of the free-to-use features with a Premium account. When you access the QR code generator from a Premium account you will be able to design your exclusive, dynamic QR code with colours and shapes that match your vision. You will have the opportunity to add your picture or logo in the centre to add an individual touch to your personal or business QR code. Your registered company logo in the centre can only help to enhance your corporate identity. There is a full color palette to recolor the backdrop, free QRcontent icons and call-to-action frames to attract even more attention to your exclusive QR code. Adding all the features of your Premium account together will give you the most cost-effective and unique form of personal or business promotion that money can buy.

The uses of a QR code are as varied as the ideas you come up with, but here’s a couple you may not have thought of. From a potato peeler to a piano, and that handy little tool you can’t remember buying. Haven’t you ever wondered where and how something was made, and where you can buy another one?  A discreet QR code  is the answer to just about every question a customer can think to ask.  Embed one into your advertising or print it on your product. It’s all part of creating a recognizable corporate identity, even if you’re just a one-man-band. You’ll beat out your competition and have added another reason why prospective customers should come to you. Link your dynamic QR code to a short video about your product but keep it bright and interesting – similar to a TV advert.  If you want to keep the costs down you can record a video of the manufacturing process on your smart device, edit if needed and upload to YouTube. For the more tech savvy among us a music track or a voice-over could be added.

For something more ambitious you may choose to use a professional film or video company. Something like this is can also be hosted on YouTube or a website with a direct link through a dynamic QR code. Create a QR code for every product and include it in your advertising mix. There is no reason not to use several QR codes in the same advertising format. You could link to a Contact Us form and an action video or company website with separate QR codes. To get the maximum response to your cutting edge QR codes make sure to add a clear call-to-action in close proximity – otherwise they are just fancy QR codes that potential customers don’t know what to do with. The companies that would benefit from this approach are endless. Broaden your horizons. Farm produce or retail shelves would all benefit from a nearby informative QR code. But manufactured or farmed products are not the only areas that could benefit from a short video or audio clip to help earn your customers’ trust and loyalty. What about that new building site in town? What is it going to look like and who is the developer? Ever more questions that could be easily answered with a QR code prominently displayed and linked to a company video or an artist’s collection of impressions of what the development will look like.  Remember to always include a point of contact for those questions when even a video isn’t enough and, for retail goods and wholesalers in particular, don’t forget that all-important ordering page.