Digital ‘Black Gold’ Created for Investors by Harbor City Capital

Journalists and investors share a commonality of having a rather tainted view of the world. This is probably due to the constant influx of the ‘breaking news’ which makes us less than impressed, and rarely surprised. But every so often something catches the attention of both, piquing interest and pushing to a point of focus. This stop-in-your-tracks instant is what has happened with Harbor City Capital and their story about an unorthodox and unique approach to
investing. In the eternal search for the unique, this company and its Founder, JP Maroney, has discovered ‘digital black gold’, and their investors are smiling.

Digital Marketing Strategy – with a Twist

In researching both the company and the creator, you find out what makes this situation so different. The key elements that have not only captured attention but caught the investment world on fire is in their ‘Digital Marketing Arbitrage’ program. You simply have to look at their business model which was crafted to capitalize on the inefficiencies of online advertising. The idea is to take those banners and ads that we all see online and drill down to create viable, usable and most of all ‘sellable’ sales leads. Developed by JP Maroney, CEO of HCC, the online advertising model generates the leads at a lower cost than they paid and then brings a fast turnaround profit for investors in as little as seven to sixty days.

There is a method to this madness that makes one ask: why didn’t someone think of this before?  In a world where people are often a bit skittish about investing, Maroney and his team have created an ROI for investors that blast those long-term ideas out of the water. How much you ask?  A Business Journals press release on the success of the ‘trial investments’: “These initial investments averaged 87% ROI across the board. On some 7-day cycles the company
exceeded 120% ROI on the capital invested.” They have continued this incredible journey with double-digit annual returns for investors since inception, which is almost unheard of today.

Thinking Out of the Box Means Throwing the Box Away

One of the personality traits of successful entrepreneurs like JP Maroney is that they see things ‘differently’ and often recognize overlooked profit opportunities. With Harbor City Capital’s business model, Maroney saw critical data in online advertising that was not only being lost, but filtering away into oblivion. His investment fund launched a division called Responzive, a performance-based digital marketing company, to create ‘smart digital leads’ as the next step of evolution. While all of this sounds great, the true essence of the ‘magic’ is that they are developing ‘Digital Lead Pipelines’ that are virtual-conduits for buying and then selling leads to create profit opportunities.

Internet marketing is not a ‘trend’, it is a fact, and in a time when investors are pursuing avenues that can offer the ability to weather economic changes, HCC has taken the lead in a methodology that taps into the anticipated $240 billion by 2019 and transitioned it into a scalable predictable lead generation and client conversion system on a pure performance basis.

Doing One Thing – The Best

Almost all companies fall prey to trying to be everything to everyone as an approach to appeasing their clients. This may sound like a reasonable attitude but it is often the cause of their downfall, or at least reduced profit margins as they spread themselves too thin. HCC believes in doing one thing, and being the best in the industry. Their intuitive ability to sniff out online leads and generate new buyers for businesses at lower costs than the companies are willing to pay for the leads, captures and generates some incredibly strong internal rates of returns.

JP Maroney outlines their business model: 

“We conduct market research, build lead generation systems, buy online advertising, manage lead data lists, test and optimize, and produce highly qualified leads as an end product. Our lead buyers get to tap into our substantial investment of time, capital, and expertise without the prohibitive upfront costs of doing it themselves. Instead they get guaranteed results and simply pay a modest, fixed price per lead and can scale as big as they want. It’s a win for everyone involved.”

Everyone Likes a Happy Story

We all love reading about the garage startup that transitioned into a booming business. It is part of the American dream that we have been taught to appreciate. But solutions in today’s investment niche are few and rare, and yet there is a market that is hungry for ways to address the growing need. From retirees and baby boomers, unprepared for life without a steady income, to investors seeking high yield, there is a tornado of stats that demonstrate the requirement for stability in the short and long term insights.

And through all of this, sits the internet, ripe with the kind of information and data that the customers are freely giving for the asking. Using some savvy technology, well thought out planning and negotiations, and some imagination and vision, JP Maroney and Harbor City Capital began with a genius concept and have honed it into one of the most successful investment tools.

HCC is proving that happy stories can continue with unending chapters.