Extraordinary economic growth

Japan and Germany have relatively strong economical relationships. Also many Japanese people who travel to Europe would spend some time in Germany.   When one considers the desolation of German just after World War II and one looks at what has happened in German since then, then a person simply has to admire the persistence and the single-minded focus of the German people. Their economy is now the strongest economy in the entire Europe. Germany has become one of the most respected leaders in that entire region. There is certainly some similarity between Japan and Germany in this sense.  Germany is now providing free education both to German students as well as to international students who have moved there to study and this is providing young people with excellent opportunities. It is possible to obtain a high-quality education without the need to worry about exorbitant student fees. Germany has several world-class cities and each of them has very popular tourist attractions as well as quality public transportation which makes it very easy both for residents, visitors and immigrants from other countries to get around. It is especially the city of Berlin which has become a very attractive travel and moving destination for young people from all across the planet including Japan. Every year a large number of Japanese people travel to or move to Germany. Berlin is also acknowledged as one of the most affordable global cities to live in, therefore it is good destination for moving.

However, there is so much more:

There are several other cities that deserves to be mentioned such as Munich which has just as much to offer both to people who move to and also to visitors. The same thing can be said about Frankfurt which does not only have a healthy commercial sector, but it is also providing many opportunities both for residents and for travelers. In fact many Japanese people would move either to Munich or Frankfurt. There is also the very popular city of Hamburg which has also become a very popular tourist attraction and which is a very popular city to which many Germans as well as immigrants are relocating. Hamburg is the port where the shipments arrive if you are moving from Japan to Germany and shipping your personal goods using the services of some international shipping company in Japan. There are many people who feel that the true spirit of a country can only be experienced in the countryside and these people can rest assured that there are thousands of wonderful towns and villages all across the German countryside which will provide those people with much to choose from. This includes towns like Nuremberg, Hanover and Dresden. In fact, the German countryside provides both visitors and residents with extraordinary scenery and this ensures that people have more than enough opportunity to explore and to enjoy outdoor activities. These areas may be good for Japanese people who are tired of city life.

80 million citizens:

There are many countries including Japan with larger populations than German but still at 80 million people Germany is by no means a small country. The population is double as much as the South African population and three times as much as the population of Canada. One would think that with that many people in a relatively small territory, that there would not be much space for outdoor activities. This is not true however, because the Germans are very innovative and for instance a city such as Berlin has over 2500 parks which is providing the residents of that city with ample opportunity to enjoy the outdoors. One should never lose sight of the Bavarian Alps which is a beautiful and rugged mountain range which is easily accessible to travelers and which is providing a memorable experience to anyone who visits these places. Many people from Japan and other European countries come to places such as Oberstdorf which is a very popular skiing resort. In fact, the downhill slope at this location is one of the longest in German at over 4 miles long. Germany is without a doubt one of the best choices both for travelers and also for immigrants.