San Francisco – a place teaming with fantastic as much as unusual activities, designed to pump up the veins of both locals and visitors. 

Since you obviously wish to visit the place this fall, why not discover the city through an alternative path – that of exciting and thrilling activities. 

  1. Check Out the Nob Hill Audium

Often cited among San Francisco’s most thrilling veiled charms, the Nob Hill Audium is, in fact, the sole theatre still in operation that was initially for sound movement, integrating all the building’s features into its compositional and acoustical potential. 

Filled with 176 speakers to augment acoustics overwhelm spectators, engulfing audiences with optimal sound and the most captivating acoustical experience. 

  1. Close your Eyes and Let the Wave Organ Travel You

Since you will obviously visit the Marina – especially if do the smart thing and join a Segway tour to the place – devote some time to listen to the Wave Organ. 

This exceptional installation was created by Peter Richards, and holds sway over an amazing spot, overlooking the mesmerising waters, striving to capture their undying movement and using nature’s drive to produce musical sounds. Simply amazing. 

  1. Meet the Urban Parrots

According to an old urban saga, more than 200 wild birds have gradually made their home amidst the buzzing streets of San Francisco. 

At first, they were located in the Telegraph Hill area, and ever since they attract thousands of visitors who wish to hear them chatter and gossip about how bizarre human beings are! 

  1. Once-over the Savernack Street

Day by day, the residents of San Francisco stroll around the city’s tiniest art gallery – and they probably don’t even know it. 

The Savernack Street gallery can only be seen through a little eyehole on 24th Street, in the famous Mission district. Believe us; it is worth it to just stop by and take a glance. 

  1. Roam Around the Cayuga Park

Last, we suggest a ramble to the Cayuga Park. Spreading beneath an overpass of BART tracks, this well-hidden gem stands out in the Outer Mission district, which in large is the city’s most industrialised area, and with its highly unusual style and aesthetics and a little less than 400 folk sculptures quickly wins the hearts and minds of visitors.

San Francisco is the most beautiful city in the States for many reasons, and surely one of them is the diversity and uniqueness of its attractions. If nothing else, it guarantees a stay that will never get boring, so join us at San Francisco Segway Tours!