Ambitious entrepreneurs would surely like to build a strong base on European markets. But in order to do, it is best to have a strong base, a business location that suits best the interests of a company in all aspects. After carefully analyzing what different business locations have to offer, one of the best decisions any investor, entrepreneur or company interested in conducting business operations in various jurisdictions should consider to open a company in Switzerland. Why? Because this country provides important advantages for at least four factors that determine whether a business can grow into a successful venture or not.


Although Switzerland is not part of the European Union, it has strong economic and commercial ties with states from all around the world and it’s surrounded by four of the strongest economies: Germany, France, Austria and Italy. Furthermore, from a geographical point of view, Switzerland is located right in the heart of Europe’s most densely populated region, a good reason to open a company in Switzerland. According to various reports concluded over the last years, the country ranks high in terms of infrastructure, with its highways, road, public transportation services and the Gotthard Base Tunnel – the longest tunnel in the world. The tunnel considerably decreases the travel time between Switzerland and Italy.

Switzerland is also one of the most competitive countries in the world, mostly due to the fact that the largest companies operating in the IT, pharmaceutical and tech industry have their headquarters there. The state has free trade agreements with most industrialized countries all over the world and it has concluded double taxation avoidance treaties with a large number of states.

Available talent

Any individual or legal entity that wants to open a company in Switzerland should also consider the importance of having the necessary talent right at hand. Switzerland has a highly-skilled and highly-trained workforce, as almost half of Swiss employees work in industries that require excellent skills. The Swiss academic education is supplemented by apprenticeships through various programs that allow beginners-level employees to gain experience by taking part in internships with prestigious companies.


Most Swiss citizens have good English skills and most of them know more internationally used languages. Switzerland is also the home for top universities and research centers. As a matter of fact, Switzerland has more patents per capita than any other country in the world. It is also possible to easily hire workers from the EU or EFTA regions because they don’t need special work permits and the infrastructure ensures great commuting conditions for cross-border workers.

Business-friendly governmental policies

Another important reason to open a company in Switzerland is the fact that the Swiss government promotes excellent policies for foreign investors. The labor market is not strictly regulated and the employment laws are very liberal. Furthermore, the Swiss taxation system is favorable and attractive both for individuals and companies doing business in the country.

High quality of life

Switzerland is often listed as one of the best countries in the world for expats and one of the countries with the best quality of life. The standard of living is high, while the crime rate is very low, providing excellent conditions for those who work and live in Switzerland, as well as for those who want to open a company in Switzerland.

Overall, the decision to open a company in Switzerland requires careful analyzing of the legislation and requirements for companies and individuals, but it’s certainly one of the best options for those interested in starting a new company, expanding on foreign markets, opening subsidiaries or company branches.