Popular belief is that the big, bad oil companies are destroying our planet without a second thought. However, contrary to this oh to common opinion, many of the leaders in Canada’s oilfield industry put a large emphasis on their impact on the environment.

These companies incorporate environmental policies into their everyday operations to ensure that they are carrying out their jobs in the cleanest and greenest ways possible.

This may seem surprising to many, as often we are blindly lead to believe that the oil and gas industry is nothing but harmful to the environment. We are shown only negative aspects of the industry through the media, and form opinions without doing our own research into the topic.

If you keep reading, you will learn about 3 oilfield companies that take the environment seriously.

We have chosen to highlight these three Canadian companies, however majority of the industries companies are moving towards greener operations every year.


Apache Pipeline has their entire Environmental Policy available to the public via their website. They are continually updating and revising this policy in order to continually improve their environmental performance.

This policy outlines the company’s objectives to reduce, reuse, and recycle in all areas of their business, from day to day operations to planned future activities.

Apache is always focused on minimizing their impact on the environment by preventing unnecessary pollution and waste.


Suncor addresses that their long term success depends highly on their capability to protect the environment in which they work. They have developed an Environment, Health, and Safety Policy, which is available on their website.

This policy overlooks 4 of their key concerns and focal points, being: air quality, water usage, greenhouse gas emissions, and land left behind.

Suncor realizes that these 4 environmental concerns are largely impacted by the type of work they do, and have taken it upon themselves to operate in a way that minimizes the negative effects these will encounter.


Cenovus has stated clearly that they are working proactively to combat the environmental challenges faced through their operations on a day-to-day basis.

These challenges include: their greenhouse gas emissions, the scale of land and amount of water they are using, and the impacts their operations have on wildlife.

They have created and publicized their own environmental commitments statement, consisting of 5 commitments the company has made in regards to holding themselves accountable for the environmental consequences of their actions, how they are going to reduce the impact of these consequences, and why they believe doing so is so important.

The Greener Side of the Oilfields

As you can see, oilfield companies are not the earth-destroying, environment-killing beasts of companies that we are often lead to believe they are.

As the world progresses and the importance of caring for our planet and our environment become more and more prominent, these companies are evolving and growing to accept and embrace this ideology.

Many of these companies are proactively changing their operations to lessen their impacts on the environment and help keep our world healthy and green.